Sarah Ardizzone is an award-winning translator from the French, based in London. She has translated over 40 books for children and adults, including Joann Sfar’s graphic novel version of The Little Prince, and Daniel Pennac's The Rights of the Reader. 

Sarah’s education projects include curating the Translation Nation programme, a project that matched talented literary translators with young students and their parents whose mother tongues aren't English. She is currently curating Translators in Schools, a scheme that trains translators to work in primary schools. Sarah is also a patron of the children’s world literature charity Outside In, and was one of the first 'mentors' appointed in a relatively new mentoring scheme by the British Centre for Literary Translation and the Translators Association. 

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The Spectacular Translation Machine

Months before Line of Fire was professionally translated and published, the book was the focus of a groundbreaking new translation event, known as the Spectacular Translation Machine, an initiative from the British Centre for Literary Translation. The French edition of the book, On Les Aura!, was broken down into individual images with corresponding text, that were strung up on washing lines spanning the Clore Ballroom in Royal Festival Hall in London's Southbank Centre. Members of the public were invited to translate the entire book over two weekends, with Sarah Ardizzone and her team of professional translators on hand to help. The photos in the gallery below (© Carole Mendy) showcase quite what an exceptional project the Spectacular Translation Machine was. You can read a blog account by a participant here.